• icon Analog and Digital Circuits

    Most of our patent attorneys are also electrical engineers.  We are deeply familiar with the design, fabrication and operation of analog and digital circuits, discrete and integrated, and are uniquely positioned to protect our clients' related innovations.

  • icon Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing encompasses software-as-a-service, large-scale job processing, database systems, Internet protocols, data security, and network technologies.  We bring decades of engineering and legal experience to the table in each of these areas, providing our clients with a comprehensive ability to protect cloud computing innovations.

  • icon Computer Architecture

    We have written and prosecuted hundreds of patent applications directed to the organization and the implementation of computer systems.  These applications touch on integrated circuit design, packaging, power, cooling, and bus architecture.

  • icon Data Visualization

    Data visualization technologies are used to convey meaning, relationships and knowledge reflected by underlying data, regardless of whether the data are medical, financial, organizational, etc.  We have extensive experience in protecting innovations related to data visualization, including new visualizations, user interfaces, Business Intelligence software, portal technologies, UI/server communications, and touchscreen-based interfaces.

  • icon Database Applications

    Database applications provide companies with financial analysis, supply chain management, customer relationship management, accounting, and other functions.  Moreover, database applications rely on UI/server communication protocols, database connector software, data modeling applications, application development tools, application versioning, applications updates, and application debugging.  We have extensive experience in these and other database application technologies.

  • icon Database Systems

    Our expertise includes the fundamental elements of database systems.  We are familiar with data modeling and abstraction layers, access control, database management systems, data import, row- and column-based data storage and processing, query engines, and database backup technologies, 

  • icon Displays and LEDs

    Display technologies are both hardware and software-intensive.  We have obtained protection for liquid crystal architectures, electron gun design, and many forms of image processing.

  • icon Electromechanical Devices

    Please search our Patent Library to review our broad experience with electromechanical devices.  We have obtained patents related to complex radiation therapy systems, imaging systems, computing peripherals and components, payment devices, consumer products, mobile devices, and many other device incorporating both electrical and mechanical elements.

  • icon Network Computing

    We have collective decades of experience in protecting innovations directed to network and Internet protocols, wireless communication and protocols, routing systems, network security, distributed computing, and cloud-based computing and communications.  Our network computing practice also includes network peripherals, hardware interfaces and routing components.

  • icon Optics

    Our attorneys are experienced in the technical principles governing light-generating devices, lenses, mirrors, and other light procesing technologies.  We have obtained patent protection for semiconducting lasers, waveguides, light arrays, concentrating solar collectors, and all manner of displays.

  • icon Payment Devices

    Payment devices include traditional magnetic stripe payment cards as well as chip-based payment cards and mobile devices configured to perform payment functions.  We have drafted and prosecuted a large number of patent applications covering different aspects of payment device manufacture, personalization, and usage.

  • icon Payment Processing

    Payment processing systems and processes continue to evolve.  We represent clients in a variety of payment processing technologies, including transaction processing systems and methods, as well as cryptographic techniques to secure transactions.

  • icon Power

    We have obtained protection for innovations related to power generation and power conservation.  Our power generation practice includes expertise in alternative power sources such as wind and solar, and our power conservation practice encompasses low-power lighting, low-power microprocessor and computer subsystems, and low-power communication protocols.

  • icon Radiation Therapy

    Radiation therapy requires a combination of disparate and fast-evolving technologies.  We have drafted and prosecuted many patent applications relating to linear accelerators, electron guns, collimators and other beam blocking/filtering devices, contrast agents, focused kilovoltage therapy; therapeutic protocols, image-or dose-guided therapy, signal-, image- and/or time-gated therapy, scintillators, flat panel imaging devices, combined imaging and therapy systems, and patient positioning technologies.

  • icon Semiconductor Design and Fabrication

    Our team of electrical engineers has worked extensively with semiconductor-related technologies.  We have obtained protection for integrated circuit design and layout design software tools, transistor architectures, integrated circuit packaging and manufacturing, and integrated circuit testing systems.

  • icon Software Applications

    Software applications are ubiquitous in all industries, executing atop desktop, handheld and/or mobile operating systems, within virtual machines, and as embedded code. Software application technology also includes software interfaces, protocols and security aspects. We are experts at drafting patent applications which clearly describe the processes and dependencies of software applications, as well as the hardware infrastructures and data which are used in conjunction therewith.  

  • icon Software Development

    We have prosecuted many applications directed to the development of software applications.  Related technologies include integrated development environments, schema generation and modification, modeling tools, versioning control, debugging, and systems for managing software updates.

  • icon Solar Energy

    We have written and prosecuted applications directed to photovoltaic devices, solar collector designs, delivery of solar-generated power, solar collector control systems and calibration, and solar collector cooling systems.

  • icon Ultrasound Imaging

    Our ultrasound practice includes expertise in beamforming technologies, image processing, anti-aliasing and other image corrections, area identification, and image-based patient diagnosis.

  • icon Wireless Systems

    Our wireless practice includes wireless LAN, near-field wireless and cellular technologies.  We have obtained protection for communication protocols, mobile client software and hardware, transmission and reception devices, and wireless security.

  • icon X-ray and CT Imaging

    We have developed a comprehensive practice relating to photon-based imaging.  We offer significant experience with flat-panel technology, collimation and beam-blocking devices, contrast agents, patient positioning, diagnosis, area identification, cone-beam and traditional CT, 3D image reconstruction, and fluoroscopy.

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