Our consumer products practice leverages our expertise in a myriad of underlying technologies, allowing our clients to protect their market positions in industries such as electronic devices, musical equipment, sports equipment, apparel, cosmetic accessories, and furniture.

Patent protection of digital media and e-commerce innovations requires a deep understanding of data streaming, content delivery networks, database applications, database systems, data compression, data encryption and data security. We use this understanding to aggressively represent major content generators, content providers, and financial organizations.

The development of electronic hardware remains a core source of innovation.  Our clients include semiconductor chip and equipment manufacturers, circuit designers, medical device companies, communication systems companies, network equipment manufacturers, telephone manufacturers, and manufacturers of personal computer systems.

Our clients are also active in alternative and clean energy technologies, including solar power, wind power, low-power lighting, smart home technologies, and the Internet of Things.  We understand the importance of the levelized cost of energy (LCoE) in the context of alternative energy sources.

We work with major participants in the financial services sector.  Our proximity to the world's financial capital facilitates a high degree of cooperation and communication with our clients in this sector.  Our financial services practice includes the protection of innovations relating to payment processing, E-commerce and mobile technologies, financial information display, financial analysis, financial products, and trading platforms.

Our industrial manufacturing practice encompasses robotic manufacturing, injection molding, load management, supply chain management, three-dimensional printing, monitoring systems, and software for complex plant management.  Our clients include manufacturers and companies which supply systems to facilitate general and specialty manufacturing.

We work with clients in the insurance industry to protect their innovative insurance processes and products, from claims administration processes to data analysis and transmission systems.

The medical device industry is uniquely served by our expertise in electronics, signal processing, image processing, nuclear engineering and electromechanics.  Our clients are leaders in radiation therapy and in ultrasound, X-ray, CT, PET and MRI-based imaging and diagnosis.

Our clients in the semiconductor and integrated circuit industry are served by our team of electrical engineers.  Each member of this team has trained extensively, as a student, an engineer and an attorney, in semiconductor materials, semiconductor physics, and the design, fabrication and testing of integrated circuits.  Our clients are among the market and innovation leaders in these fields as well as in related fields such as fabrication systems, integrated circuit platforms, and computer architecture.

Our clients are at the leading edge of the software industry. For example, we assist in the protection of innovations relating to software applications, database systems, software development, user interface technology, networking, e-commerce, Web services, and cloud computing.

Our telecommunications practice encompasses traditional wired and wireless communications, cellular networks, wireless computer neworking and near-field communications.  Underlying technologies with which we've worked include switching and transmission-related technologies, security, network monitoring and wireless protocols.

Our transportation practice relates to innovations in the design, safety and/or environmental impact of air, rail, automotive, shipping and transportation infrastructure technologies.  Our engineering backgrounds and diverse professional experiences allow us to effectively serve our clients with respect to these complex technologies.

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