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8990146 Systems and Methods to Provide Server-Side Client Based Caching SAP AG
8989886 System and Method for Identifying Process Bottlenecks SAP AG
8984557 Method and Apparatus for Displaying Entertainment System Data Upon Selection of a Video Data Display Intel Corporation
8978008 Software Configuration Control Wherein Containers are Associated with Physical Storage of Software Application Versions in a Software Production Landscape SAP AG
8972520 Systems and Methods Providing Mapping Definition Information for Business Data SAP AG
8935204 Metadata Tagging of Moving and Still Image Content All In The Data Limited
8930254 Financial Methodology to Valuate and Predict the News Impact of Major Events on Financial Instruments CommEq Asset Management Ltd
8928729 Systems and Methods for Converting Video Disney Enterprises, Inc.
8882675 Methods and Apparatus for ultrasound-imaging Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd.
8881127 Systems and Methods to Automatically Generate Classes From Api Source Code SAP AG
8879633 Fast Multi-Frame Motion Estimation With Adaptive Search Strategies Intel Corporation
8875060 Contextual Gestures Manager SAP AG
8860762 Polar Multi-Selection Business Objects Software Limited
8850483 Method and Apparatus for Purchasing Upgraded Media Features for Programming Transmissions Intel Corporation
8825559 Methods, Apparatus, Systems and Computer Readable Mediums for Use In Generating a Customs Export Document Business Objects Software Limited
8804757 Configurable Motion Estimation Intel Corporation
8799876 Method and Apparatus for Assigning Subroutines Intel Corporation
8798992 Audio Noise Modification for Event Broadcasting Disney Enterprises, Inc.
8798256 System and Method for Telephone Call Routing Using a Relational Routing Matrix Hartford Fire Insurance Company
8794532 Methods and Apparatus for Use in Association Identification token MasterCard International Incorporated
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