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8984557 Method and Apparatus for Displaying Entertainment System Data Upon Selection of a Video Data Display Intel Corporation
8983445 Smart Data Connections for Mobile Devices Intel Corporation
8983272 Method and System to Play Linear Video in Variable Time Frames Intel Corporation
8975975 Spread Spectrum Clocking Method for Wireless Mobile Platforms Intel Corporation
8960540 Methods and Systems for Merchant Selection of Network Routing MasterCard International Incorporated
8949776 Gateway Consumption Framework SAP AG
8948370 System and Method for Telephone Call Routing Using a Relational Routing Matrix Hartford Fire Insurance Company
8943534 Advanced Streaming Playback/Dynamic Ad Insertion Disney Enterprises, Inc.
8930417 Networked Procurement SAP Business Objects
8925825 Identification Token and Method of Making Identification Token MasterCard International Incorporated
8850005 Systems and Methods for Business Network Management Discovery and Consolidation SAP AG
8832263 Dynamic Resource Adaptation SAP AG
8798992 Audio Noise Modification for Event Broadcasting Disney Enterprises, Inc.
8781447 Techniques to Wirelessly Transmit Data Intel Corporation
8780137 Generation of Multiple Display Output Disney Enterprises, Inc.
8725574 Methods and Systems for Payment Account Issuance Over a Mobile Network MasterCard International Incorporated
8700560 Populating a Multi-Relational Enterprise Social Network With Disparate Source Data Business Objects Software Limited
8660369 Systems and Methods Using Mobile Devices for Augmented Reality Disney Enterprises, Inc.
8656437 System for Capture and Selective Playback of Broadcast Programs Video Networks Limited
8645483 Groupware-Integrated Business Document Management SAP AG
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