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Number Title Original Assignee
8990146 Systems and Methods to Provide Server-Side Client Based Caching SAP AG
8943059 Systems and Methods for Merging Source Records in Accordance with Survivorship Rules SAP AG
8930831 Systems to Implement Business Processes in Computing Environment SAP Business Objects
8930830 Context-Aware Composites of Functional Modules SAP Business Objects
8893031 Virtual Business Object Node Associations SAP AG
8881307 Electronic File Security Management Platform SAP AG
8880485 Systems and Methods to Facilitate Multi-Threaded Data Retrieval SAP AG
8868512 Logging Scheme for Column-Oriented In-Memory Databases SAP AG
8856166 Query Validator SAP AG
8850005 Systems and Methods for Business Network Management Discovery and Consolidation SAP AG
8849780 System and Method for Automation of Consistent Lock Management SAP AG
8843708 Control Block Linkage for Database Converter Handling SAP AG
8832263 Dynamic Resource Adaptation SAP AG
8825630 Method and System for Generic Enterprise Search SAP AG
8825596 Systems and Methods for Robust Data Source Access Business Objects Software Ltd.
8819083 Creating New Database Objects From Existing Objects SAP AG
8819075 Facilitation of Extension Field Usage Based on Reference Field Usage SAP AG
8819074 Replacement Policy for Resource Container SAP AG
8793288 Online Access to Database Snapshots SAP AG
8793276 Client-Side Statement Routing in Distributed Database SAP AG
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