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Number Title Original Assignee
8983272 Method and System to Play Linear Video in Variable Time Frames Intel Corporation
8935204 Metadata Tagging of Moving and Still Image Content All In The Data Limited
8928729 Systems and Methods for Converting Video Disney Enterprises, Inc.
8886646 Field Extensibility for Analytical Reports SAP AG
8860762 Polar Multi-Selection Business Objects Software Limited
8851379 Method and System for Decoding Small Sized Barcodes From Blurred Images Intel Corporation
8839144 Add and Combine Reports SAP AG
8737713 System for Frame Selection for Optimal Registration of a Multi-Frame Dataset Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.
8726336 Authorizations for Analytical Reports SAP AG
8719224 Common Modeling of Data Access and Provisioning for Search, Query, Reporting, and/Or Analytics SAP AG
8712956 Systems and Methods to Provide Report Part Via a Web Service Business Objects Software Limited
8683332 Distance Filtering Gesture on a touchscreen SAP AG
8645483 Groupware-Integrated Business Document Management SAP AG
8645332 Systems and Methods for Capturing Data Refinement Actions Based on Visualized Search of Information SAP AG
8606814 Business Intelligence Olap Provider Model and Architecture SAP AG
8583618 Determination of Graphical Format to Present Search Results Business Objects Software Limited
8581840 Multi-touch Measure Comparison Business Objects Software Limited
8510666 Systems for Development and/Or Use of Telephone User Interface Siemens Technology-To-Business Center, LLC
8499240 Rule-Based Presentation of Log Messages on a Graphic Timeline SAP AG
8473520 Delta Measures Business Objects Software Limited
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