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8960540 Methods and Systems for Merchant Selection of Network Routing MasterCard International Incorporated
8793288 Online Access to Database Snapshots SAP AG
8775431 Systems and Methods for Hot topic Identification and Metadata Disney Enterprises, Inc.
8775302 Rysix/ Method of and System for Making Purchases Over a Computer Network MasterCard International Incorporated
8769564 Cross-Platform Advertisement Synchronization Disney Enterprises, Inc.
8762516 Verifiable Online Usage Monitoring 4Everlearning Holdings Ltd.
8739166 Process-Driven Progress Information in Service-Oriented Architecture SAP AG
8712956 Systems and Methods to Provide Report Part Via a Web Service Business Objects Software Limited
8700560 Populating a Multi-Relational Enterprise Social Network With Disparate Source Data Business Objects Software Limited
8683346 Client Integration of Information From a Supplemental Server Into a Portal SAP Portals Israel Ltd.
8626606 Systems and Methods to Transmit Consumer Notifications Associated With Printed Publication Retail Locations Disney Enterprises, Inc.
8583618 Determination of Graphical Format to Present Search Results Business Objects Software Limited
8577862 Answer-Augmented Query Suggestion Business Objects Software Limited
8463807 Augmented Search Suggest Business Objects Software Limited
8407309 Techniques for Specifying and Determining Property Information for Portal Entities Using Attributes SAP AG
8396214 Method and Apparatus for Centrally Managed Encrypted Partition SAP Portals Israel Ltd.
8332434 Method and System for Finding Appropriate Semantic Web Ontology Terms From Words Business Objects Software Ltd.
8312102 Techniques for Previewing Content Package Files Through a Portal SAP AG
8279254 Method and System for Video Conferencing in a Virtual Environment Siemens Technology-To-Business Center, LLC
8271362 Methods and Apparatus for Providing Centralized Web Services for Funds Transfer System MasterCard International Incorporated
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