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8984557 Method and Apparatus for Displaying Entertainment System Data Upon Selection of a Video Data Display Intel Corporation
8983272 Method and System to Play Linear Video in Variable Time Frames Intel Corporation
8965811 Methods and Systems for Using Physical Payment Cards in Secure E-Commerce Transaction MasterCard International Incorporated
8943534 Advanced Streaming Playback/Dynamic Ad Insertion Disney Enterprises, Inc.
8935204 Metadata Tagging of Moving and Still Image Content All In The Data Limited
8928729 Systems and Methods for Converting Video Disney Enterprises, Inc.
8851379 Method and System for Decoding Small Sized Barcodes From Blurred Images Intel Corporation
8850483 Method and Apparatus for Purchasing Upgraded Media Features for Programming Transmissions Intel Corporation
8839298 Method and Apparatus to Determine Broadcast Content and Scheduling in a Broadcast System Intel Corporation
8825559 Methods, Apparatus, Systems and Computer Readable Mediums for Use In Generating a Customs Export Document Business Objects Software Limited
8798992 Audio Noise Modification for Event Broadcasting Disney Enterprises, Inc.
8780137 Generation of Multiple Display Output Disney Enterprises, Inc.
8775431 Systems and Methods for Hot topic Identification and Metadata Disney Enterprises, Inc.
8775302 Rysix/ Method of and System for Making Purchases Over a Computer Network MasterCard International Incorporated
8769564 Cross-Platform Advertisement Synchronization Disney Enterprises, Inc.
8762516 Verifiable Online Usage Monitoring 4Everlearning Holdings Ltd.
8706628 Automated Opening of Electronic Wallet Function in Mobile Device MasterCard International Incorporated
8660369 Systems and Methods Using Mobile Devices for Augmented Reality Disney Enterprises, Inc.
8656437 System for Capture and Selective Playback of Broadcast Programs Video Networks Limited
8655381 Method and Apparatus for Merchant Search and offer Presentation MasterCard International Incorporated
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