8990146 Systems and Methods to Provide Server-Side Client Based Caching SAP AG 8989886 System and Method for Identifying Process Bottlenecks SAP AG 8984557 Method and Apparatus for Displaying Entertainment System Data Upon Selection of a Video Data Display Intel Corporation 8983445 Smart Data Connections for Mobile Devices Intel Corporation 8983272 Method and System to Play Linear Video in Variable Time Frames Intel Corporation 8978008 Software Configuration Control Wherein Containers are Associated with Physical Storage of Software Application Versions in a Software Production Landscape SAP AG 8975975 Spread Spectrum Clocking Method for Wireless Mobile Platforms Intel Corporation 8972520 Systems and Methods Providing Mapping Definition Information for Business Data SAP AG 8965811 Methods and Systems for Using Physical Payment Cards in Secure E-Commerce Transaction MasterCard International Incorporated 8960540 Methods and Systems for Merchant Selection of Network Routing MasterCard International Incorporated 8957587 Systems and Methods to Communicate and Control Actions Using Light Emitting Diodes Disney Enterprises, Inc. 8954938 Managing Build Variants in a Common Repository SAP AG 8951198 Methods and Apparatus for Ultrasound Imaging Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd. 8949776 Gateway Consumption Framework SAP AG 8948370 System and Method for Telephone Call Routing Using a Relational Routing Matrix Hartford Fire Insurance Company 8943534 Advanced Streaming Playback/Dynamic Ad Insertion Disney Enterprises, Inc. 8943059 Systems and Methods for Merging Source Records in Accordance with Survivorship Rules SAP AG 8935204 Metadata Tagging of Moving and Still Image Content All In The Data Limited 8930831 Systems to Implement Business Processes in Computing Environment SAP Business Objects 8930830 Context-Aware Composites of Functional Modules SAP Business Objects Show More